Did You Know Maureen Bates, Barry Gibb’s First Wife?

Are you a fan of Barry Gibb? If so, you might like to know about his first wife, Maureen Bates. She is best known as the wife of Barry Gibb, the famous musician from the Bee Gees. In this article, we will cover the mysteries surrounding Maureen Bates. Furthermore, we will discuss her relationship with Barry Gibb. So, let’s get started:

Who was Maureen Bates?

First of all, we must know who was Maureen. She was characterized by her reserved nature. In addition, she tended to shy away from the public eye. It is evident, that her prominence was largely due to her association with Gibb.

Her early life and education have not been found online despite extensive searches. Furthermore, we have found nothing about her family connections.

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When Maureen Bates and Barry Gibb Get into a Relationship?

Maureen Bates met Barry Gibb in 1965 when he was 19 years old. After one year of dating, the couple married on 22 August 1966. This happy moment took place 10 days before Barry’s 20th birthday.

Unfortunately, after four years of marriage, they finally call it a quit. Consequently, they divorced in July 1970. But the question arises why did they get separated? We are going to answer this query in the next section. So, stay with us.

Why did Maureen and Barry Get Separated?

Barry and Maureen experienced many ups and downs in their troubled marriage. Bates was more of a quiet person, but Barry was a rising star with a bright future ahead. Further, it is believed that the pressure of fame and the demand of a music career contributed to the end of their relationship.

Dating Year August, 1965
Married Date 22 August 1966
Divorce Date July 1970
Relationship Type Married
Relationship Status Divorced

Indeed, the couple faced many challenges during Barry Gibb’s career with the Bee Gees. The non-stop tours, media glare, and the lifestyle of being in a globally renowned band strained their marriage. Therefore, maintaining a sense of normalcy in their relationship became increasingly difficult.

Did Bates and Gibb Have Any Children?

No, they did not have any Children. However, there were rumors that they had a daughter named Lynda born in 1968. But this was never confirmed.

Gibb affirmed in AMA on Reddit in 2021, that he has five children and eight grandchildren. All of them are from his second wife Linda Gray. He also claimed that there is no child with Maureen Bates whatsoever.

Apart from the above, many people confuse Lesley Gibb Evans as Maureen and Barry’s daughter, which is incorrect. We have verified this information through a YouTube video, titled “Happy Birthday Lesley Gibb Evans (January 12, 1945)”. In this video, they have shared family photos.

Furthermore, the caption of this video clearly shows that she is the eldest sister of the Gibb Brothers. Here it is:

“Wishing a blessed birthday and year to the eldest sister of the Gibb Brothers, Lesley Gibb Evans. She turned 77 this year. Hope it is a great year ahead for her. Sending lots of love! “

Maureen Bates

Is Maureen Still Alive?

We are not certain about whether she is dead or alive. However, it is mentioned in littlefacts that Maureen Bates moved to Perth, Australia after her divorce. It is also reported that she passed away in late 1990 after battling cancer.

Bottom Line

Thus, we can end our article by saying that Maureen Bates was an introverted lady. Furthermore, she spent a life in seclusion. We can only know her through the reference of the famous musician Barry Gibb. They both got married in 1966. Unfortunately, after four years they got separated in 1970.

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