Kristen Tomassi: Life After Divorce from Richard Branson

Kristen Tomassi, an American architect, is well-known as the first wife of Richard Branson, the renowned English business entrepreneur. T

Their relationship, marked by exciting highs and devastating lows, was important in both of their lives. This article dives into Kristen’s life, marriage to Branson, and life after they divorced.

Kristen Tomassi’s Bio at a Glance

  • Name: Kristen Tomassi
  • Age: Approximately 69 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Studied architecture and design
  • Marital Status: Married to Axel Ball
  • Children: Two – Galen Ayers and Nicholas Ball
  • Current Residence: Mallorca, Soller

Kristen Tomassi age

About Kristen Tomassi

Kristen Tomassi was born to businessman Joseph H. Tomassi. Despite her family’s status, little is known about her childhood, including her accurate birthdate, birthplace, and early education. Kristen studied architecture and design, which later influenced her life and profession.

Personal Life and Interests

Despite the public attention she has received as a result of her notable weddings, Kristen Tomassi has kept her life pretty quiet. Her early studies revealed an interest in architecture and design, which most likely shaped her personal and professional aspirations. Kristen’s ability to deal with complex relationships while rebuilding her life shows her determination and adaptability.

Marriage to Richard Branson

Kristen and Richard Branson’s paths touched in a different way. While Kristen was staying at the Manor with her musician boyfriend, Branson, an aspiring business owner, was immediately attracted to her.

Despite the complexity of their first meetings, they formed a bond that resulted in their marriage on July 22, 1972. Rev. Hubert McCann conducted the wedding at Holy Cross Church in Shipton-on-Cherwell, England, which was followed by a party at Oxfordshire’s Manor Studios.

Kristen was only 20 years old, and Richard was 21 when they married. At the time, Branson had already established himself as a successful young businessman, having converted the Manor House into a recording studio and hotel and founded many companies such as Connaught Publications, Caroline Records, and Virgin Records.

Kristen Tomassi wed

Struggles and Separation

The couple’s marriage encountered huge challenges from the beginning. Branson apparently got a mysterious condition that made sexual intercourse between them impossible.

They seek medical guidance but find no remedy, affecting their relationship. Furthermore, their adventurous lifestyle involved in-fatal incidents, such as almost drowning in Cozumel, as well as contentious decisions, such as partner shifting, which affected their marriage.

Kristen fell in love with Kevin Ayers after a partner-swapping incident on the houseboat Duende in 1974, causing her to leave Branson. Despite her brief return to Branson when she learnt of his relationship with Joan Templeman, their marriage ended in divorce in 1979.

Life After Divorce

Kristen Tomassi continued her journey with Kevin Ayers, whom she had married before to her divorce from Richard Branson. However, their romance didn’t last very long.

Kristen eventually married Axel Ball, a wealthy German real estate developer and business associate of Branson. The pair settled in Mallorca’s Soller and started a life together.

Kristen has a daughter named Galen Ayers from her relationship with Kevin Ayers. Galen followed in her father’s footsteps into the music profession and is now married to Stephen James Hopkins.

Kristen also has a kid named Nicholas Ball with her current spouse, Axel Ball. Nicholas is a real estate agent and married to Nadine Hawa, with whom he has two children, Alexander and Adriana Ball.

Kristen Tomassi

Is Kristen Tomassi Married Now?

Axel Ball, Kristen Tomassi’s current husband, is a successful German property developer. He is well-known for his commercial activities and cooperation with Richard Branson.

Kristen and Axel have built a solid and pleasant life in Mallorca, Soller. Axel’s economic skills and Kristen’s artistic desires praise one another, forming a solid foundation for their marriage.Kristen Tomassi’s life after her divorce from Richard Branson shows her own growth and determination.


Kristen’s story, from her early days as a young architecture student to her marriages to important persons such as Kevin Ayers and Axel Ball, is unique and connected with the stories of influential people. While most of her life is private, her legacy includes contributions to the lives of her children.

Kristen Tomassi’s life story shows her strength and adaptation. Her experiences, which include high-profile romances and personal struggles, show a journey of ongoing growth and strength.

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